ProSet Modular

The Modular Process

For centuries homes have been built on-site, piece-by-piece. As fabrication processes advanced, items such as roof trusses and stair sections began to be pre-fabricated and sent to sites in an effort to speed construction. Taking a cue from the automotive industry, the modern Systems-Built industry was born. Now not only are stair sections and roof trusses built in factories and shipped to site, the entire home is created on a factory line, greatly reducing overall build time while increasing construction quality and build consistency.

The Systems-Built construction method is the future of modern building. Already commonplace in areas like Europe and Dubai, systems-built structures represent the newest technology in construction. A systems-built home is assembled in a climate-controlled factory and consists of anywhere from 4 to 10 or more modules.
All construction is done in a climate controlled indoor environment.

All construction is done in a climate controlled indoor environment.

The modules are transported to a job site 70-90% complete. Once the unit reaches the job site, the modules are lifted onto the foundation by crane. A finish crew will then complete the structure by tying in the roof sections, siding and interior finish.

Building the facility in a factory environment also reduces a great many indirect costs. Construction site theft is eliminated and additional setup and break down time is reduced as workers’ tools may be left on site without consequence. The construction team simply arrives at work at the factory, and resumes right where they left off the prior day.

Because the structure must be moved from the factory to the building site, the construction methods used are much more durable than traditional stick-built methods to easily withstand the stress of shipment. What you have upon completion is a stronger, more durable building, that was built in a fraction of the time, with materials that were never exposed to the elements during construction.